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Dallas, Texas

Intercontinental Dallas
March 24th, 2015
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A Very Special Sort Of One Day Workshop

Happy lawyers make more money. And a broke lawyer can’t do much good for anyone…
least of all their clients, their family or themselves.

We know that’s a bold statement. Keep reading. We’ll back it up. And share an opportunity for you to secure your spot in an exclusive one-day business plan building workshop that will help you become a more-happy lawyer, with a more profitable small law firm, if that’s what you want.

But first you have to understand something that the vast majority of lawyers you know, truly have no idea about: Happy Lawyers Really DO Make More Money. And for a very simple reason.

Because it is precisely the same sort of things that cause a lawyer to be happy…which also cause a small law firm to be more profitable.

First you learn to build a better-functioning business. That makes you happy. Then the profits follow.

Secure your spot today at this exclusive solo & small law firm business plan building workshop


No Apologies. No Excuses. No Regrets


So Why Don’t You Have The Law Firm & The Life You Want, ALREADY?

There are only three (3) reasons why you don’t already have a law firm that makes you enough money, gives you enough control over your time and makes you as happy as you could be:

  1. Either you don’t have a business plan & you’ve been winging it;
  2. You do have a business plan, but you lack the confidence in it to execute on your plan (purgatory);
  3. Or-else you are working your ass off to execute on your business plan but for “some reason” it’s just not working. In other words your business plan is obviously broken.

Under what bizarre set of circumstances would you ever encourage one of your own clients, friends or family to invest their time, money and reputation into a business if there was no intelligible written plan explaining in plain English how the business is supposed to make money?

But you do not have a written business plan (yet) that explains in plain English how your law firm is supposed to make money, do you?

Relax. 999 of 1,000 lawyers don’t have a written business plan for how their law firm…the same law firm that their family depends upon for their safety, security and future, is supposed to make money. Which is why so many lawyers are broke and unhappy. But it doesn’t have to be that way for you.

LESSON: “I’m just going to work my ass off & hope for the best” <- That Is NOT A Business Plan. It’s just a plan to work your ass off.  And just “hoping” the things you are working on “happen” to be the right things that a profitable business requires is a “bad” strategy, isn’t really much of a strategy.  GOOD NEWS: You can judge for yourself if you’ve been working on the right things or just spinning your wheels by honestly assessing the results. What’s your verdict?

Don’t you think you would already be more-happy, and have more money if you already had a business plan you had already been using to make your law firm more predictable and more profitable?

Just imagine how much better you would already feel about your business and yourself TODAY…if this time last year you had found this opportunity, secured a spot for yourself and created the first draft of an actual written business plan for how your law firm was supposed to be working.

Don’t you agree your law firm would already be more profitable today?

hurry-reserve-your-seatNo Apologies. No Excuses. No Regrets


Consider These Three Points:

  • pics-audience01MONEY: Do you agree it is reasonable to say if you had the benefit of a written business plan these past 52 weeks, you could have increased your firm’s revenues by even just 10%?  What would that have been worth to you? $25,000, $50,000 even $100,000?!?!
  • FREE TIME: If you had been running your law firm with an actual written business plan this past year, do you imagine you could have fixed at least four nagging problems, that each wasted an hour of your time each month, for the last 12 months?   What would THAT have meant for your peace of mind & happiness? (Hint: 4 hrs/month x 12 months = 48 wasted hours. You could have taken a whole extra week off!)
  • HAPPINESS: How many times in this past year did you hate yourself for bringing your frustrations home with you? Once, twice, or was it three times your family had to see you at less than your best.  How do you imagine you would have felt about yourself INSTEAD, waking-up the next day knowing the night before you were at your best and able to be fully-present for your family?


pics-audience09RELAX. No one is criticizing you. We’ve ALL been there.  We’ve all done that.  And every owner of a successful small law firm has the the battle scars to prove that we all understand what you’re going through.   How did you think we knew how to write this stuff that we know hits so close to home for you too?

The only DIFFERENCE between HOW YOU SPENT THE LAST 12 MONTHS OF YOUR LIFE AND CAREER vs. HOW YOU WILL GET TO ENJOY THE REST OF YOUR LIFE AND CAREER is whether or not you find the courage to take the first step…or-else find a comfy excuse and keep using it to stay-stuck where you’ve been at.

You have invested your life and career learning how to be a great lawyer.
Now it’s time to learn how to manage your law firm.

hurry-reserve-your-seatNo Apologies. No Excuses. No Regrets


Consider These Five (5) Important Questions:

pics-audience15Question # 1: How many hours of instruction did you get in law school about how to be a better lawyer?
Answer: About 900 hours, over those three years.

Question # 2: How many hours of CLE have you earned, learning how to be a better lawyer?
Answer: About 10 hours/year you’ve been practicing. (Ex. 10 years x 10 hrs/year = 100 hrs)

Question # 3: How many hours have you invested learning how to manage and make more money with your law firm?
Answer: (probably none. (0) ZERO).

Question #4: What would it mean to your life if you could increase the revenues of your law firm by even as little as just 20% without working any “harder”, simply by learning some things about how to manage a small law firm that you may not even know that you don’t know, that you don’t know?
Answer: Act now . . .  hurry-reserve-your-seat

Question #5: Do you agree it is reasonable to expect that an intelligent person who has never taken even a single course in his or her life about how to manage a small law firm, could find ways to increase the profits of their law firm if they invested a day to discover what they may not know that they may not know?
Answer: Act now . . . 



Dallas, Texas

Intercontinental Dallas
March 24th, 2015
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hurry-reserve-your-seatNo Apologies. No Excuses. No Regrets