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You are a busy lawyer, with more ambition than you have time and/or information about how to double the revenues of your firm… and still have a life.

“Double the revenues of my law firm!  But won’t that just double my workload?”

Not if you follow the 7 proven steps to solo and small law firm success that we’re going to deliver to you during this very special and One-Of-A-Kind CLE Workshop.

This is a highly-interactive and a very practical program.

It is NOT about learning “how to be a better lawyer”.

Becoming a better lawyer hasn’t helped you double your revenues year-on-year, has it?  Of course not.


That’s because learning how to be “a better lawyer” doesn’t help you run a more profitable law firm.

The only PROVEN way to run a more PROFITABLE small law firm, is to learn how to MANAGE a small law firm.  Otherwise, you’ll just be spinning your wheels.  Don’t keep spinning your wheels.  CLICK HERE and register today to learn about The 7 Proven Steps To Solo & Small Law Firm Success.

In point of fact, there are eight (8) proven steps to solo and small law firm success.  But it’s the seven you probably don’t know about that are likely what’s been holding you back from unleashing your full potential as the owner of your firm.

NOTE: Being a better lawyer, only helps you be a better lawyer.  Which is certainly one of the key components to having a highly-successful law firm.  But it’s not the ONLY component.

When the first two of these 7 additional steps are followed, you can reasonably-expect for a solo law firm to reach about $250,000 in revenues in about 18-24 months.  With somewhat flexible hours for the owner.  AND, the economic ability to decline cases or clients that don’t fit that lawyer’s definition of a successful law firm (i.e., you should only be taking cases that make sense for your firm, not just for the money).

When steps 3,4 and 5 are allowed to work for you, the law firm can be realistically expected to achieve around $500,000 in revenues about 18 months thereafter.

At this point, cash flow should become more predictable.  And internal controls should begin to materialize which should enable the owner of the firm to step-away for 30 consecutive days with “emergency access only” with confidence that upon his or her return to the firm it should be better-off than when he or she left to recharge batteries.


Whether consciously or not, most owners of half-million-dollar solo and small law firms are working with steps 1-5 to one degree or another.

By leveraging Steps 6 & 7, a solo law firm can be propelled quite reliably to break “The 7 Figure Barrier” in about 36 months or less.

And of course once that milestone is reached, then the fun really begins as a whole new world of opportunities opens-up for the ambitious and entrepreneurial lawyer who is committed to use his or her firm’s success to better serve its clients, the community and explore the lawyers’ own imagination.

To achieve any of these goals you do NOT need:

Piles of working capital.

1. In fact very often starting off with TOO MUCH working capital will actually prevent a lawyer from embracing more practical solutions that will be really important later on as his or her law firm progresses up and through the four stages of growth nearly every solo or small law firm goes through between $ and more than one million dollars of annual revenue.

Years of legal experience as a practicing lawyer.

2. All things being equal, of course, the more experienced practitioner has the advantage over the newly minted lawyer or the lawyer who only recently enters a new practice area. However it’s rare in the real world that all things are ever actually equal. And so you do not need to have as much substantive legal experience as another lawyer for your solo or small law firm to outperform theirs in terms of the key business metrics. What you need is to understand how to manage a small law firm and be sure all 7 Steps are being followed on a daily-basis in your business.

Lots of free time on your hands.

3. In fact, when a very busy lawyer embraces these 7 Steps, he or she can expect to become less busy, more productive, more profitable and certainly more happy because that formerly-frantic lawyer will be focused on more of the “right” things (high leverage & high-value) and less on the “wrong” things (low leverage & low-value).

Instead, here’s just some of what you’ll encounter at this
one-of-a-kind, hands-on, full day, LIVE CLE WORKSHOP:

  • How To Identify & Understand The Causes & The Effects Of “Profits” In A Small Law Firm.
  • Identifying, Prioritizing & Learning How To Liberate Yourself From The Day-To-Day Grind So You Can Focus On The High-Value Activities That Will Grow Your Law Firm.
  • How To Comfortably Sell Seven Figures Worth Of Legal Services (or more, or less, depending on your goals).
  • The Six Key Numbers The Managing Partners Of The MOST Successful Law Firms Are Always On Top Of.
  • Understanding & Anticipating The 4 Stages Of Law Firm Growth.

A Frequent Question: Should I Attend If I’m Only THINKING Of Starting My Own Law Firm?

An Obvious Answer: It depends whether you prefer to reinvent the wheel or save yourself the next ten-plus years of your life by learning to spot and avoid the most common, costly, frustrating, embarrassing, expensive and time-consuming mistakes most lawyers make when starting a law firm.

(Hint: Neither your kids or the bank are going to be impressed by how “hard” you had to work.  They only care what you are able to accomplish.  Only the most primitive lawyers and sadistic clients get satisfaction knowing you sacrificed your happiness to achieve the same outcome that could have been accomplished more efficiently with better law office management processes and procedures)

If you’re the type of person who can only enjoy success if you feel you’ve suffered enough for it then this workshop may deny you your “glory”.  If that’s you then you should probably skip this workshop because we’re going to expose you to an alternative to that sort of law firm.  We think it’s better but if you already know you prefer to suffer then respectfully, this probably isn’t going to be the right environment for you.



A Common Approach Lawyers Take:

“If I work really, really hard for a long-long-time I’ll just figure this out on my own.”

A More “Enlightened” Approach:

The business of running a law firm is just that, a business.  And like any other sort of business it requires certain skills, tools and techniques to make it run well.  If I have never made it a point to study the “rules” of a particular type of business, then I should not be surprised or lose confidence in myself if/when that type of business does not run well.

That’s because law school teaches law students how to be lawyers.   Law school does not teach lawyer how to manage a small law firm.

A smart lawyer who works really, really hard for a long-long time at it can reasonably expect to learn a lot about how to manage his or her law firm.  Mostly though, those lessons will come by trial & error.  And there’s no guarantee that lawyer will ever “figure it out”.

In fact there is overwhelming evidence to suggest that a lawyer who is busy trying to service clients may never figure it out on his or her own without getting help to learn how to manage a small law firm.

But rather than have an esoteric discussion about it, here’s something very simple any lawyer can do as a quick self-check:  Simply ask yourself whether or not you are presently getting the results from running your law firm that one would reasonably expect to get if one knew all that’s needed to be know about the 7 steps to solo & small law firm success?

Our Definition of a “Successful” Law Firm"

Our definition of a “successful” law firm is one which generates enough profit for the owner to live comfortably; while allowing him or her a sufficiently flexible work schedule to attend to all the things in life that are more important than money; and with adequate business processes in-place to empower the owner of the firm to step-away for a little or a long time for entertainment or emergency with a high-degree of confidence that in the owner’s absence the firm will continue to meet its financial, legal and professional obligations, including paying the owner’s salary with benefits.

NOTE: If you fundamentally do not agree with this as a working definition for a “successful” law firm, this is probably not the right workshop for you.  Because this is precisely the sort of law firm that the 7 steps to solo and small law firm success will enable you to create.

One Of The LEAST Frequently Asked Questions:  Should I attend if I already have a very successful law firm?

Our Answer:  The reason this question is asked so infrequently, is because most lawyers who already have a highly-successful law firm don’t ask questions like this.

Instead they understand that causes lead to effects.  So they know that one of the chief causes of their success is the fact that they consider themselves to be lifelong learners and seek-out every edge.  And when a chance like this comes along, they don’t sit around wondering what to do.  They take action!   There’s a saying we use with our 7 Figure Solo Lawyer Friends: Little hinges, swing big doors.  If you already have a 7 Figure solo law firm, even if you’ve never heard this phrase before you intuitively know what it means and so we’ll look forward to seeing you at the workshop!

This workshop is going to expose you to time-tested, practical in the real world, and proven “secrets” to unlocking a million dollar solo law firm.

We say “secrets” in quotes because so few lawyers have ever been exposed to these ideas.  But they’re not secrets at all.  In fact lawyers have been following these steps for hundreds of year.  Unfortunately, due to modern demands placed on law schools over the past 50 years these practical and proven skill-sets have become something of a “lost art form”.

So to put your mind at ease, here is a partial list of what this workshop will NOT be about:

  • It’s not about working harder and longer.
  • It’s not an internet SEO, PPC, expensive advertising, get-rich-quick, give us all your money and cross your fingers seminar.
  • It’s also NOT just a “motivational” seminar.  Though we expect once you see how close you probably already are to taking your law firm to the next level of success, you’ll probably be highly-motivate to return to your office and start making some changes!



What This Workshop IS Going To Be About:

It’s about learning something they never taught any of us back in law school:  How To Make More Money With Your Small Law Firm. This is likely the only program you’ll ever see that is completely and unapologetically dedicated to exactly that outcome.

To maximize profits in a law firm one does not “skirt” Bar Rules on Ethic or Professionalism.  Instead we are going to demonstrate how and why EXCEEDING most of the Bar Rules on Ethics and Professionalism is required.

That’s Because The Rules Of Profit are simple, precise and don’t change.  If you really want to make more money with your small law firm...without just working harder at it… you have to take some very defined, proactive and immediate steps.

Doing more of same things that produced your current results (even if you get better at doing them harder, faster, longer) is only going to produce more of the same results.  Only you’ll be worse for wear after so-many turns round on the hamster wheel.  And eventually, “more of the same” is just going to burn you out.

If you’re ready to finally earn the money you know you should be earning, then you can’t afford to miss this intensive, hands-on FULL DAY workshop.



Success doesn’t just happen. It is the result of knowing and applying some very specific and proven systems that produce real, measurable and quantifiable results. And that’s exactly what you’re going to learn during this one-of-a-kind intense, CLE workshop.

Don’t miss your opportunity to make a quantum leap in your business, your career and in your life!

Seating is limited due to local venues in each city. So choose the city that is most convenient for you. Or if you’re really ambitious choose based on the date, and register with THAT city’s host bar association or law school right now.

Still not registered?

We’re lawyers too. So we understand that sometimes your legal training makes it difficult to make easy decisions.  The legal industry is full of great practitioners with law firms that don’t let them live up to their fullest potential.  Often, because those lawyers get stuck into paralysis by analysis.

On the other hand, the most successful entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial lawyers, know that the key to making money is making decisions.  You weigh the upside potential (in this case 25%, 50% or even 100% more money with your law firm) and compare that to the downside risk.  And then you make a decision.  Otherwise what you wind-up doing is wasting time, missing opportunities and second-guessing yourself which is a perfect recipe for NOT making more money with your small law firm.



Your full ticket price plus up to $500 in documented travel expenses are fully guaranteed by the sponsors.

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